Due to the scenario caused by COVID-19, the SAHOCO team, thinking about the well-being of all in an effective way to control the risks of the spread of the new Coronavirus, we inform that the majority part of our team is already in teleworking regime. 

We remain alert at this moment, doing what we have to do, complying with the recommendations of the DGS to take care of ourselves, the people around us and society as a whole. We are together in this which is everyone's mission! 


To make this quarantine period productive and less tedious, SAHOCO gathered 5 tips to make your days lighter and stress-free: 


1. Try new recipes

Do you know that recipe you saved on Instagram a long time ago? Or that cake that you really want to taste but haven't had time to make yet? Now is the time.


2. Make video calls

Call your friends for a video call and share that pizza you had agreed on. In more difficult times like this, we end up isolating ourselves more than necessary. Be sure to communicate with those you love the most!


3. Online fitness classes

For those who are at home, there are a thousand of apps and exercise videos online. You can choose to do exercises such as free squats or planks, exercises in which you use only your body weight, as well as you can also use water bottles and other objects to exercise your biceps, shoulders, back, among others. If you prefer something more peaceful, do some stretching or a pilates class. We promise you will feel rejuvenated.


 4. Get organized

These quarantine days can be good for organizing your home and your wardrobe. Make a selection of all objects, clothes and accessories that you no longer use and are taking up space in your home. What may be junk / old for you, can be beneficial for someone else! Also, take the opportunity to organize your life and your projects for 2020.


5. Read a book!

It can be a light romance book or even those kind of suspense books that won't let you sleep! But the important thing is to disconnect from reality and dive into another world.



Looks for home exercises  

Looks for home-office  


We appreciate your understanding of the possible delays that may occur. 

Our team is available through email at [email protected] for everything you may need.

For you, for all.